Adobe Fixes Clickjacking Flaw in Flash

As you probably know, clickjackers often use Adobe Flash to highjack computer cameras. This allows them to see into your home, take pictures, and pretty much spy on anyone in the world with an Internet connection. Your best defense: a piece of tape placed strategically over your camera. You can’t go wrong with the analog solution. Of course, then you have to find a way to deal with the clickjack that activates your computer’s microphone as well as your webcam. Those tricky scam artists are always one step ahead of decent folk.

Adobe has announced, however, that it has fixed the flaw in Flash that allowed clickjackers to activate microphones and webcams.

Before the latest Flash update, clickjackers could have their way with your computer by luring you into a simple trap. Often in the form of a game, the scammers just had to convince you to click an invisible frame on your screen. That would activate Flash’s manager and allow them to take control.

Obviously this is a good thing for anyone concerned about computer security. You kind of have to wonder how many unsavory online photographs were taken without permission. A quick clickjack, a little Photoshop, and boom! You’ve got yourself a male enhancement ad.

Of course, this might bum a few people out. After all, the Internet was obviously designed to collect naked photographs of every person in the world. Now that Adobe has managed to improve its software, how will humanity ever reach such a lofty goal?



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