How Many Facebook Videos Have Been Clickjacked?

If you’re on Facebook, then you have to know that  some of the videos you see posted on the walls of friends are clickjacked. Clickjacked videos typically have invisible frames hovering over them, either over the hole video or just over the play button. When you push play on the video, you may or may not actually get to watch it. What you actually do is unleash a tactic called UI redressing. More than likely, clickjacked videos just repost themselves on your wall without your permission.

That’s kind of scary, especially considering that some of the clickjacked videos can steal personal information from your computer that allows hackers to steal your identity.

What’s even more scary is that research now shows that 15 percent of videos on Facebook are clickjackers. That’s right. 15 percent. That means that for every ten videos you see, more than one of them has been clickjacked. Click on ten random videos and you’re going to get clickjacked at least once.

Let’s face it, Facebook hasn’t done much to stop this kind of behavior. They pretty much let anyone post anything without discretion (unless its porn, I guess. They have a thing against porn).

Yet again, that means you need to protect yourself by avoiding shady videos. If you see a video that doesn’t look like your friend actually posted it,then don’t click it. If your uncle who’s totally into football posts a video about lady gaga, then you can feel pretty certain that it’s a clickjack. There’s just something not right with it, so stay away.

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