Man in Wheelchair Falls to Death LOL

Fans of the Darwin Awards might find it entertaining to read about the dumbest possible ways that people die, but there’s a big difference between shaking your head at a written account of someone’s death and watching a video of it.

Recently, the moral fiber of Facebook users was tested by a post that reads

Man in wheelchair falls down the elevator shaft *SHOCKING VIDEO*
[LINK deleted]
This Video is really shocking. a man in a wheelchair is falling down the elevator shaft.

If you followed the link, then you found a fake Facebook page with what looked like an embedded video. Sorry, you’re not going to get to watch the gruesome video. In fact, such a video probably doesn’t even exist.

What you get, instead, is a clickjack. A lot of people have commented (and I kind of agree) that anyone who fell for this horrible scam got what they deserved.

If you use Firefox with the NoScript application, then you got a warning about the UI redressing attempt, as clickjacking is technically called. If you don’t use this security app, though, you were prompted to take an online survey. After taking the survey, you didn’t even get to watch the video. How lame is that?

Many clickjackeres use online surveys to earn money. By tricking people into visiting survey websites, they know that a small number will actually answer the questions. For each person that fills out the survey, the clickjackers earn a small amount of money that quickly adds up.


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