See Twilight for Free

Fans of Twilight can get a bit… well, fanatical. Give them the opportunity to attend a pre-screening for free, and they’ll do just about anything.

Anything, including fall for a Facebook clickjacking scam.

This specific clickjacking scam spreads through Facebook posts. To win the free tickets, you have to complete a survey. Finish that survey, however, and you’re taken to another one. You might think that you’ll eventually reach those tickets, but you never will. It’s a ceaseless journey that only ends when you get frustrated enough to quit.

By that time, though, it’s probably too late for your friends. That’s because you have shared information about the free tickets with everyone you’re connected to on Facebook. What? You don’t remember that post? That’s because the clickjack did it for you. Now all of your friends can fall victim to the hoax.

To make matters even worse, this scam focuses on young people who, as we all known, don’t always exercise the best judgment when exploring the net. Even parents that keep a close eye on their kids’ Internet usage might not spot this problem. It’s one thing for your kid to access a pornographic or disturbing website from the living room, but it’s quite another to fill out a simple survey. Few parents would even know to wonder whether it could have harmful effects.

Kids might think that they know more about the Internet than their parents. And maybe they do. But they don’t know more than their parents about the ways that scam artists prey on kids. That’s why parents have to make sure their kids know how to stay safe online.

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