Getting Clickjacked by Lady Gaga

It doesn’t matter whether you love Lady Gaga or hate her, she certainly has an odd charisma that attracts people. That charisma has helped her sell millions of copies of her danceable songs. (Personally, I like the meaning behind her songs much more than I like the music, but I think I’m just a little too old to dig it. If she’d been around in the 80s, though, I probably would have loved her.)

As soon as someone exposes the public to that level of charisma, though, someone else will try to make money from it.

In 2011, that means someone is going to use your fame to clickjack a bunch of people on Facebook.

Over the past couple of days, a message has been spreading through Facebook that claims Lady Gaga was found bead in a hotel room. The message carries a video link that you supposedly click on to watch news footage about her death. As an awesome and disturbing side note, the video has a message that reads “This is the most awful day in the US history.” Forget the strange choice of words (“the US history”?). Who would actually believe that this is a legitimate news broadcast. Come on, it’s obviously not the most awful fay in US history… What about the day that John Lennon was killed!

Despite the ridiculous nature of the post, a lot of people have clicked on it. And they got clickjacked, of course. Oh, gullible people so unwilling to read the small print.

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