Hate Clickjackers? Blame Yourself

Rhodri Marsden, in his article posted on The Independent yesterday, covered some of the ways that today’s culture is influenced by mass media outlets, including television, radio, Twitter, and Facebook. We’ve all become news junkies. But we’re not satisfied to feast on legitimate news. We want more. We even want more after we’ve been thrown chucks of Charlie Sheen and other celebrities, whose lives have nothing to do with our own.

What do we do when we need dessert after gorging ourselves on everything from CNN to News of the Weird, we turn to the least likely sources of legitimate content.

That’s why, according to Marsden (and I think he’s really on to something here), we’re all to blame for clickjacking. Hate clickjeckers? Yeah, who doesn’t? But pointing the finger at them without acknowledging that last week you actually follow a link that promised video of “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THE JONAS BROTHERS DID THIS TIME!”

Call yourself a sucker or a dupe if you want, but don’t expect Marsden to cut you any slack.

When people use social networking sites, they need to understand what they are doing. Otherwise, we have a system that resembles a middle school lunch room. If that’s the best that we can do, maybe human beings should just walk away from computer networks altogether and admit that we have defeated ourselves.

Each time you follow one of those ridiculous links, you bolster the hopes and coffers of clickjackers. That means more clickjacking will happen. Yes, the actual clickjacker is the guy pulling the trigger, but you gave him money to buy the bullets. That makes you at lease somewhat responsible.


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