A Spider Under The Skin, or a Clickjack on Your Nerves?

Would you like to see video of a large spider living underneath someone’s skin. Personally, I’d pass. Still, I can understand that a lot of people would want to see that video. After all, look at how many people go to see horror movies and throw their necks out of whack as they stare at car accidents.

A morbid sense of curiosity, however, can lead to bad things when you’re on Facebook.

A recent clickjacking attack used the spider video as bait to convince Facebook users (I’m guessing mostly boys and young men) to follow a link. Unfortunately for them, they didn’t get to see a gnarly video. They just got clickjacked, which, in this case, means that the link instructed the Facebook account to post the message on the user’s wall so that her or (again, more than likely) his friends would see it and think “oh man, awesome, I totally want to see some of that nastiness!”

There were numerous messages floating around with this clickjacked link attached. Even a bilingual one in Spanish and English! Some of the examples include

Una Araña debajo de la piel. A spider under your skin!
Él dice que era una araña bajo la piel, ¿qué dices?.He says there was a spider under the skin what do you say?

Amazing! Spider is Growing Under Woman Skin
WARNING: Sh0ck1ng Footage!

Amazing how a spider can go under your skin This spider is brutal..
WTF – There is a spider inside the skin of this girl, extremely painful !

Here’s a new rule to live by — If it sounds too rad to be true, then it’s probably a clickjack.

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