Clickjack Takes Advantage of Tragedy in Oslo

If you are the lowest of the low, then you spend your time thinking of ways to make money off of the suffering of other people. The way that you manage to earn your disgusting living depends on what type of skills you have. If you are a great motivator or actor, then you might make money by setting up a fake charity that supposedly benefits the families of victims in the recent Oslo tragedy (in case you don’t know, some wingnut shot a whole bunch of people. It was an instance of terrorism that many people didn’t see coming because of the ridiculous blinders that they wear. The shooter wasn’t Muslim. He was a white Christian. It took journalists more than a day to recognize that they were wrong about the man’s religion and ethnicity, but I digress in a serious way…)

If you have a bit tech experience, then you create clickjacked links to exploit the memories of those killed in Oslo. Perhaps you start a Facebook post that asks for donations to your fake charity, or maybe you hijack a link so that it directs caring people to some stupid survey site that has agreed to pay you money whenever you send someone their way. Or even better yet, maybe you promise video of the shooting, and when people follow the link, they buy items from an online retailer without ever agreeing to such a purchase.

All of these things have happened. If you were behind them, then I hope you never enjoy a single cent that you made from the pain of these people. You’re a cheat. You don’t even have the intelligence to con someone. You just have the rote ability to make an annoying link that benefits you and only you.

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