Windows Continues to Improve Security Features And Miss Several Customer Service Needs

Windows updates… I’ll admit that I hate them. They always seem to come at the least convenient times and they seem to take forever. As someone unlucky enough to have Windows 7 on my personal laptop, I also understand the great frustration that of regular updates that don’t ever seem to click with the operating system. You spend five minutes waiting to download the update and then you wait so long for the update to configure itself that you say “screw it” and take your chances with a manual boot.

Yes, I understand the frustration.

On the other hand, I must admit that Windows has done a really good job of creating updates that address issues that affect today’s users most. Just this week, they published an update that corrected a Bluetooth radio vulnerability. Previous updates have done wonders for security issues such as worms, clickjacking, phishing, malvertisements, and many of the other problems that plague today’s most active Internet users.

In other words, Microsoft knows what problems exist out there in cyberspace, and they want to find solutions to those problems.

That’s terrific. I applaud them. I wish that more software developers would do the same.

No matter how much I respect their commitment to improved security performance, though, I can’t get over how slow and annoying the updates are. And the configurations!!! Just forget it. An update that doesn’t configure properly on the first try isn’t going to work because half of your customers are going to by pass the update and feel a sense of dread every time they see another update icon at the bottom of their screens.

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