Clickjacking on Twitter

Most clickjacking attacks currently take place on social media sites such as Facebook. Myspace isn’t really as popular these days (so much so that News Corp has dumped it, which means that I would actually consider using Myspace again). More and more, though, we’re finding that clickjackers are turning to Twitter to scam their victims.

Twitter has emerged as one of the most popular web-based services around. It’s a microblogging tool that allows users to send short messages to a lot of people at once. If you’re not already using it, then you can think of Twitter as telegram that goes out to hundreds of thousands of people (assuming that you’re popular enough to have that many followers).

This has lead to some big problems for Twitter users who don’t expect to find clickjacking links in these posts.

The added threat is that most people access Twitter through their mobile devices. Of course, these devices are becoming the central hub for a person’s private information, including phone numbers and credit card numbers. Clickjackers that use Twitter, therefore, could have the opportunity to steal sensitive information that allows them to steal identities and commit fraud.

What can you do to stop it? You don’t have to avoid Twitter. Start by disabling scripts in your browser. That will prevent some attacks. The best thing that you can do, though, is to remain vigilant and pay close attention to every link that you follow.If you have any doubts, then don’t click the link. It’s that simple. Telling the difference between a clickjack and an honest link, however, usually requires some experience.

What are some of the ways that you can spot clickjacks on Twitter?

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