Has Clickjack Protection Improved?

Clickjacking gets more press now than ever. The data is difficult to pin down precisely, but chances are that clickjacking is more prevalent now than it was a couple years ago. Does this mean that we should all be more worried about the threat of clickjacking?

Not necessarily.

Although hackers have made strides towards finding ways to trick their victims into following corrupted links, software developers have also been working hard on tools that can prevent the worst fears of those victims.

In 2008, ComputerWorld reported that Adobe was warning people that “‘Clickjackers’ could hijack webcams, microphones…” Today, those threats hardly exist at all. That’s because Adobe got serious about preventing clickjacks that were designed to hijack webcams and microphones. That doesn’t mean that the threat has been completely eliminated. In order to protect yourself from these threats, you need a version of Adobe that has been developed to resist these attacks. Protection also assumes that hackers haven’t found a way to bypass those security measures.

One thing that you can count on is that hackers will always fight security developments. It’s an ongoing process that might not ever end.

The bad news is that hackers have found more ways to spread their clickjacks. At first, Facebook was the ultimate way for them to reach thousands of people within a short time. Now, they often turn to Twitter as well as Facebook. This gives them more opportunities to advance their scams and find ways around security measures. The more opportunities there are, the harder it is to stop clickjacks.

While the threat has spread to a larger number of people, though, the substance of the threat has decreased thanks to security development that has focused on this kind of attack.

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