Photoshop This

Photoshop has been the go-to tool for photographers and graphic designers for well over a decade. For the first time, though, it has been used to sucker people into spamming their friends.

It actually has little to do with Photoshop. It’s a new clickjacking scam that uses Photoshop’s popularity to convince victims to follow a link. The clickjacked Facebook post states “hey, I just made a Photoshop of you, check it out:” and then it provides a truncated link. When you click on the link, though, you don’t get a photo of yourself or anyone else that you know. Instead, you get a window that prompts you to download a Facebook app that requests access to Facebook Chat.

This is where things get bad for you and everyone you’re connected to on Facebook. If you allow the app to access Chat, then you’ve just unwittingly given it permission to spam your friends.

Perhaps to buy a little time, the clickjack directs your browser to an article called “45 Strange and Funny Photoshop Manipulations.” Don’t be surprised when you don’t find your face on any of those pictures.

If you’ve already fallen victim to this clickjack scam, then you’ll want to erase the app from your Facebook account, clear any posts from your wall, and tell your friends that you’re the sucker who sent them a bunch of spam.

You might also want to ask for forgiveness, because this is exactly the way that people get nailed with viruses and spam. Learn your lesson. Pay more attention in the future so that you don’t contribute to such tomfoolery.

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