USA Gets with the Times

If you pay much attention to USA Today, then you’ve recently read that “cybercriminals have begun spreading corrupted Facebook “Like” buttons inside the popular social network.” Begun? Hey, USA Today, get with the times.

When Facebook introduced the “like” button in 2009, clickjacking had already been around for some time. After clickjacking began to spread through Facebook, the term “likejacking” became popular. Still, that was two years ago. Where have you guys been?

The popular newspaper reports that Facebook has faced increasing scrutiny because of policies that favor businesses over the privacy of users. It also acknowledges that the like button has been a particular problem for privacy advocates because the button makes it easier for Facebook to track user activity on other sites  as well as its own.

The paper reports that “And now cyber scammers have figured out how to cause malicious Like buttons to turn up on Facebook users’ profile pages.” Now? When was this printed? June 17th, 2011. You have to be joking.

I’m all for spreading information about clickjacking (obviously. I mean, I run a site about it), but there is no reason to present information as if it is new just to make it sound like news.

If you want to write a recent news article, then try talking to Facebook about their upcoming strategies to stop likejacking. The quotes providing in the article are ambiguous and obvious. They don’t tell an informed person anything that he or she wouldn’t have known a year ago. I just wonder what the point is?

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