Hayley Williams Clickjack

Oh, Haywley Williams, your band Paramore is terrible. You’re basically the pop rock version of every sellout, over-produced country star. But I’ll give you this: you sure are a hottie.

Apparently, a lot of people agree with that latter statement. In late May, a picture of Williams topless was posted on Twitter (through her on account, I might add). It sure didn’t take long before the pic had spread to hundreds of websites eager to make a few pennies off of the young beauty.Quite frankly, I’m not totally convinced that it’s her. It could be any petite young women with funky hair. It’s still worth seeing, but I don’t have any faith in the pic’s validity.

Hayley with her shirt on

Those who posted the topless photo, however, missed out on the real money making opportunity: a good, old fashioned clickjack attack.

No sooner than the picture emerged, clickjackers had created Facebook messages promising to show the image. The most successful message leads visitors to a site that requires you to click “only if you’re 18 or older.” When you click that “18 or older” message, though, your Facebook account posts the message on your wall, spreading the link to all of your friends.

Paramore is a pretty popular band, so there are tons of people willing to follow the link. Which, of course, means that the clickjack has spread quickly.

If you’re interested in seeing Hayley Williams without her shirt on (hey, I don’t blame you), then search for the image via Google and don’t click on anything other than the Google result. The moment that you click anywhere on another page, you’re setting yourself up for a clickjack.

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