The Condom Clickjack

Even though clickjacking attacks spread fastest when they have content that perks up a person’s curiosity, you rarely get the content that encouraged you to follow the link. That’s one of the ways that you can be certain that you have fallen victim to a clickjack attack.

Not every clickjacker, however, is so carefree and obvious. That makes it tougher to determine which links might cause you problems.

Case in point: “the World’s Funniest Condom Commercial – LOL”

When you follow this Facebook link, you inadvertently “like” it. This gets posted to your wall where it tempts your friends to follow the link, thus spreading the clickjack even farther. Instead of leaving you with nothing, though, this clickjack directs you to a YouTube video featuring a mildly humorous condom commercial. When you actually get sent to the link, you will probably believe that you haven’t executed any of the common clickjacks. But you’d be wrong.

This post acts just like other clickjacks. Which means that you’ll be spreading a condom commercial that really doesn’t live up to the hype. Imagine how many people will see this link shared by you. Your parents, your co-workers, your in-laws. And all them are going “why the hell did he share a stupid condom commercial with the world?”

The clickjack doesn’t cause any actual harm to your computer, but it could have a negative impact on your social standing. Anyone suspecting that you’re dull enough to spread clickjacks might block messages from you or even eliminate you as a friend.


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