Clickjacking Revenge

So, you fell for a clickjacking scam, and now you’re infuriated. What are you going to do about it?

There are a few options, some of which are more sensible than others. Honestly, the best route is to learn from your mistakes, report the clickjacked page to Facebook (or any other website that is unwittingly spreading the clickjacked link), and remove any malware that you might have contracted.

You can then alert your friends to the clickjack so that they don’t become victims. And, of course, if someone passed it on to you, let them know that they’re a victim.

Not everyone, however, likes to take the sensible route. That’s where scambaiting comes in.

Scambaiting is most effective for clickjacks that try to string you along with scam after scam. It’s also an effective technique (for some) for fighting email phishing scams. Essentially, you play along with the scammer, wasting his time and making life generally difficult for him.

Here is one of the most involved scambaiting projects that I have ever seen.

The victim creates a whole cast of characters to mess with the scammer, who never seems to understand that the tables have turned. It’s quite entertaining and shows what a dedicated scambaiter can accomplish.

Here’s the thing, though: scambaiting wastes your time as much as the scammer’s time. You might enjoy stringing them along, but you don’t really get anything for it. In some cases, people (albeit usually the scammers) have gotten hurt because of these strategies. If you’re set on getting revenge, it’s best to contact a pro who can take the risks for you.

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