Fans of Reality TV Should Beware Clickjacks

Shows such as Survivor, The Voice, and American Idol have saturated television with so-called reality programming. I’ve never been sure how living on an island with medical staff and a bunch of players trying to win a game represents any form of reality… but I digress.

Hackers have used the popularity of these shows to attract more clickjacking victims. By creating fake websites for reality TV shows, they attract the biggest suckers of all. Hey, if you’re willing to believe that Survivor is reality, then you’ll probably believe that some crumby website is official even though it has pixelated graphics and broken English.

Getting clickjacked, however, isn’t fun. It’s not something that I would even wish on fans of reality TV, although they are probably some of the most deserving people on the planet (I hold a particular grudge because I enjoy writing, and these shows have made it harder for writers to earn a living. Sorry, it’s my own personal prejudice, and I’m not willing to give it up).

Since no one truly deserves to get clickjacked, it’s important to let others know that they should be careful when visiting any website.

How can you spot a fake? More often than not, they have suspicious URLs. Dancing with the Stars, for instance, is an ABC program. The official website is hosted on the ABC website. It’s not that fan pages are necessarily scams, but you do run a risk when you visit them, especially if you click any elements on the web page to access more information.

Keep your wits about you, people.

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