Have No Fear: Adobe is Here!

Just last weekend, I’m sitting at my parent’s house enjoying Easter lunch when my dad asks me if I knew that viruses could turn on my webcam.

I resisted the temptation to roll my eyes. Hey, dad, I’ve been working in Internet security for about a decade now, so you’re probably not going to stump me just because you got your AOL account up and running last year.

The truth is that there isn’t much to fear when it comes to clickjacking (or “viruses,” if you want to use my dad’s terminology) and webcams. We’ve known about Adobe’s vulnerability for sometime now, and the company has made it pretty easy for you to avoid clickjacking attacks that could turn on your webcam or microphone.

The latest version of Adobe isn’t susceptible to these attacks. If you haven’t updated your Adobe software recently, then go do it right now before you give some dirtbag the opportunity to eavesdrop on you. If, for some reason, you’re extremely reluctant to download the latest Adobe software, then you can tighten your program’s security parameters. Assuming that you’re not using software from the 90s, you’ll probably solve the problem this way.

This prevents the immediate problem, but doesn’t mean that you’re safe from clickjacking. Clickjacking attacks, after all, come in a wide range of flavors. None of them taste good.

Keep your system safe by avoiding suspicious links. Plus, you should really have some reliable antivirus protection for your computer. In fact, use two antivirus programs. That should stop pretty much anything from getting through. Even though it won’t completely stop clickjacks, it will almost certainly protect your computer from the harmful side effects that could result from clickjacked websites.

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