Clickjackers Target Smart Phones

In Japan, most people access the Internet through their smart phones instead of sitting down at a desk to use a computer. Over the past several years, other countries have seen similar trends that point toward the future: computers are getting smaller and more portable. Soon, smart phones (or similar devices) will be the most easy way to access the Internet.

Clickjackers know that this will change the way that they find their victims, and they’ve already made numerous attempts to alter their strategies to focus on mobile device users.

Over the past year, the number of clickjacking attacks have tripled. Now, many of those attacks focus on techniques that target mobile decide users. Unfortunately, not many people understand how serious this threat is, so they fail to take the necessary precautions that will protect them from malware.

The big problem with clickjacking attacks that target smart phones is that they can access information stored on the devices. We have become so reliant on our mobile phones that few of us remember many phone numbers. You might even store much more than just contact information on your phone. You could have credit card information, passwords, and other private info as well.

Clickjacking attacks could target that information, giving hackers access to the data that they need to steal your identity or make fraudulent purchases in your name. They could also steal your contacts to spread clickjacking attacks to everyone on your phone.

The possibilities are frighteningly endless.Unfortunately, its unclear of how people can protect themselves best when using smart phones. For now, stay vigilant and critical of everything that you see online. And make sure that you check all of your devices for hidden viruses that might steal your information.

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