I Can’t Believe It; I Don’t Believe It

Oh, Justice Beaver, what will your fans do next to win your heart?

Even if you’re not a big fan of Justin Beiber, or The Office for that matter, you might have seen a recent clickjack attack circulating through Facebook.

There have been tons of clickjacking attempts that target Beiber and his teenage admirers. This recent one states “I can’t believe a GIRL did this because of Justin Beiber!” also contains a side view pictures of a girl wearing what might be the world’s shortest skirt.

The temptation here is pretty obvious.

Click on the link, however, and you’re not going to find out what this girl supposedly did, or why her behind played such an integral role. Instead, you’re going to get a heaping spoon of disappointment and a clickjack that spreads the hoax through your Facebook wall.

If you really can’t stop yourself from visiting the Bad Beiber site where the video is supposedly hosted, then at least log out of Facebook. That way you can avoid getting clickjacked.

What’s the problem with a little clickjacking action? Well, first off you’re going to look like an idiot who went to the fake Beiber site for what is obviously a scam. That’s not going to win you any admirers on Facebook. Second, you’ll have to tolerate many of the common side effects of clickjacking: reoccurring wall posts, online surveys, and spam.

As a simple rule, I should point out that if something says “I can’t believe…”, then chances are that you shouldn’t believe it.

(Imagine via: http://brizzly.com)

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