Free Southwest Plane Tickets

Fraudsters have promised free airline tickets before by creating fake advertisements for companies like JetBlue and Delta. Most of these have been standard clickjacking scams that spread via a person’s facebook wall. The trick is fairly simple for hackers with minimal amounts of training. They create a fake ad for free airplane tickets. Suspended above the ad, however, is an invisible link that instructs facebook to post a message to that person’s wall. This is the fastest way for hackers to spread their message to millions of people.

The latest clickjacking scheme, this one for Southwest Airlines, however, takes a slightly different approach that has tricked savvy facebook users who thought they knew how to avoid fraudulent ads.

Instead of making clickjacked ads that post a message to a person’s wall, this clickjacking scheme posts messages in other locations. By posting the message as, for instance, a picture comment, hackers find that more facebook users are tricked into following the link.

Why? Well, any new scheme is certain to trick a few people just because it hasn’t been encountered before. There’s also a psychological factor involved.

When a clickjacked link is posted under a picture, most people think that it is a comment directly from someone they know. That was once the case when it came to wall posts too, but now facebook users are wary of posts that seem out of character. This tactic takes clickjacking to a new level of personal communication.

Of course, there is a big problem: clickjacked links posted as picture comments often seem out of context. That’s a good way to spot them. We’ve always been taught to question deals that seem too good to be true. Now it’s time to consider whether the offers sound too weird to be true.

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