Microsoft Accuses Google of Clickjacking Attacks

We tend to think of clickjacking as something conducted by the shadiest of criminals. I always imagine them with thin mustaches, nicotine-stained fingertips, greasy hair, and accents that place them in some ambiguous former-Soviet nation.

Microsoft has a different idea of what a clickjacker looks like. To them, the worst clickjackers wear casual attire to well paying jobs in the San Francisco Bay Area. They drive electric cars and enjoy free on-job massages. They, in other words, work for Google.

Microsoft made this accusation after Google claimed the company had stolen their search results. Last summer, some of Google’s developers noticed that Microsoft search engine Bing was showing fake search results that Google had added to their own results. According to Google, this proved that Microsoft was stealing their search results.

Microsoft, of course, denied the accusation, saying that they had some of the world’s best minds working for their company, so they hardly needed to steal search results from Google. That’s a good point, but it’s also like saying, “hey, I’m already super-rich, why would I cheat on my taxes?”

The accusation has heated up over the past week, leading to Microsoft’s claiming that Google used clickjacking strategies to gather evidence. This not only shows that Google is capable of using questionable techniques, but also that the evidence means very little. If clickjacking was used, then the results could be skewed in Google’s favor to make it look like Microsoft had stolen information when nothing of the sort had actually taken place.

So far, there hasn’t been any court action. It seems that both companies would rather avoid the legal system this time around. Instead, they’ve chosen to fight it out in the public arena. That in itself is a question decision that will probably only lead to more accusations.

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