Potential Stroke Victim Gets Clickjacked on Facebook

Serene Branson, an on-air personality for CBS 2 in LA, might have had a stroke on live TV during last weekend’s Grammy Awards. Millions of viewers have since watched the video of her breakdown, which included slurred speech and utter gibberish.

What happened next could only be possible in the modern world: her video went viral on Internet sites such as YouTube and Facebook.

After the video went viral and received millions of hits, some hacker recognized it as an opportunity to make some money. The hacker used the video to spread a clickjacking attack throughout Facebook.

The attack works just like numerous other clicjkacks that have been spread through Facebook. It starts off innocently enough: curious Facebook members see a post about the video, so they follow the link. It’s basic human curiosity that urges us to watch someone having a meltdown of sorts on television. It seems so unbelievable that many of us cannot resist.

Once the Facebook member clicks the link, though, things start to get fishy. First, they are asked to take a short quiz before viewing the video. That should send up a big flag that something is amiss. Surveys of this sort are frequently used by hackers. They submit the results to survey businesses for payment. It’s basically the driving force behind this and similar clickjacking attacks.

After completing the online survey, Facebook users are told that they need to allow an app to view the video. That’s another flag that should convince users to take pause. And with good reason, the button that allows the app has been clickjacked to spread the link to other Facebook members by posting it on the person’s wall. That’s how these scams spread so quickly.

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