Can Prevent Clickjacking?

We all know that there are potential dangers associated with using social networking sites. The dangers are even greater when children get online. If you think that adults are bad at recognizing online scams from legitimate information, then you’d be amazed to see how trusting children can be when confronted with bogus links.

Two of the biggest concerns are keylogging and clickjacking attacks. Keylogging is problematic because it gives hackers access to anything that you have typed. In other words, they can steal passwords to your bank, email, and credit card accounts, creating huge problems. Clickjacking poses a significant problem because it is difficult to recognize. It uses invisible frames to “trick” users into following scam links. claims that it can help parents protect themselves and their children from these threats with two pieces of software. According to them, no single piece of software can handle both problems.

That’s hogwash. might claim to protect users, but it doesn’t offer any concrete information about how it can accomplish this goal. Furthermore, stating that a person needs two independent pieces of software hardly makes any sense. Any designer could, after, simply compile the two programs. Voila, not you’ve solved clickjacking and keylogging problems with one piece of software.

The bigger concern, however, is that I doubt’s security programs can even accomplish these goals with two pieces of software. Clickjacking in particularly is difficult to stop. So far, no one has been able to create a foolproof way to prevent it. There are reliable ways to reduce a person’s vulnerability, but you can always be exposed to a new version of the attack. might claim to have the solution, but I need to see some real proof before I believe them. If Microsoft and Apple haven’t been able to solve these problems, then I very much doubt that has the answer.

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