The Quiet Attack

One of the most troubling things about clickjacking attacks isn’t that they can activate your computer’s video camera, or that they can trick you into buying items that you don’t want, or even that they spread themselves by posting unauthorized updates to your facebook wall. The biggest concern is that clickjacking can do all of these things without setting off any alarms. It is a quiet sort of attack that you might never notice.

When that happens, individuals can become repeat victims without realizing. A person who doesn’t know he or she is being victimized will never do anything about the problem. They don’t even know that a problem exists.

What can you do, then, to protect yourself from clickjacking attacks. After all, you might figure, anything that can bypass your antivirus software is probably going to fool you every time.

Not necessarily.

Antivirus software focuses on detecting problems within programs. If someone were to hide a virus in, for instance, a screen saver, then your antivirus software would probably find it. Clickjacking, however, occurs within  a web browser. It doesn’t usually involve programs that infiltrate your computer.

That means you can potentially spot problems that your antivirus software doesn’t even look for.

Pay closer attention to your  facebook wall, or Myspace profile, and look for posts that you did not authorize. Also, look for applications that you did not ask for. If you find them, then delete them from your profile.

Checking your credit card and PayPal accounts will also help you stop clickjacking attacks shortly after they occur. If you notice unauthorized charges, then contact your bank, or PayPal, to report the problem. That way you can stop payment before the hackers receive any money from you.

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