Opera Improves Security

Even the best web browsers have their vulnerabilities.

Opera, for instance, has garnered a lot of attention over the past few years as a reliable browser that allows users to surf the Internet safely and quickly. Just because Opera is one of the best options, doesn’t mean that it offers every possible protection.

That’s what VUPEN (a security analysis company in France) discovered. When studying Opera, they found several security flaws, including one that made it easy for clickjackers to target the browser. VUPEN released a warning that included several risks. In addition to the clickjacking problem, they also found that Opera had vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to access private files on user computers and that the browser retained passwords longer than users wanted.

Opera has fixed these problems in  its latest edition: 11.01.

The changes should help Opera users keep their computers safe from outside attacks. Clickjacking has become a major concern for security specialists because online social networks make it easy for cybercriminals to spread links to clickjacked pages. Although most clickjacking performs minor security infractions, there is serious potential for infecting computers with spyware that can steal private information such as bank account numbers and passwords.

One of the biggest concerns is that few Internet users recognize that they have become victims of clickjacking attacks. These attacks often take place silently without alerting the user. This makes it possible for the clickjacked pages to do damage without calling attention to themselves.

Opera has made a significant upgrade with its latest edition. Although it’s not 100 percent safe from clickjacking attacks, neither are other browsers. It does, however, offer a higher level of security than previous versions that will help protect users.

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