My Total Facebook Profile Views

Social networks are about popularity and connections, so it’s no wonder that people on Facebook are curious to know how many people have viewed their profiles. Facebook, however, has consistently prevented users from seeing how many people (and, more specifically, which people) have looked at their profiles.

While preventing users from accessing this information keeps online activity a bit more private, it also creates a vacuum that cybercriminals are eager to fill.

One of the latest clickjacking attacks that cybercriminals use focuses on giving Facebook members access to information that they have never been able to see before. Unfortunately, the hackers don’t really have applications that can provide accurate information.

The My Total Facebook Views scam promises to tell Fb members how many people have looked at their profile pages. By doing so, it preys upon human curiosity and the desire to see where one fits into the social hierarchy.

When you follow a link to the app (typically named either Pro Check or ProfileSpy), you’re prompted to take an online survey. After taking the survey, you’re given a number that supposedly represents how many people have accessed your profile. In reality, it’s just a random number without any basis in reality.

In addition to tricking you into taking online surveys for nothing in return, the app uses a clickjacking attack to spread itself to your friends. The clickjack posts information on your wall that encourages friends to take the survey and find out how many people have looked at their profiles.

That’s how it perpetuates itself and makes plenty of money for cybercriminals. As long as you stay informed, though, you don’t have to fall victim to this clickjacking scam.

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