BBB Expects More Online Scams

According to a report in The Vancouver Sun, the Better Business Bureau plans to keep a close eye on Internet scams throughout the upcoming year. The organization has become increasingly worried about scams that target online users. Now that social media has become even more pervasive, the BBB expects that more cybercriminals will try to use their scams to take advantage of those who are new to social networking sites and the Internet in general.

Social networking sites include Facebook and Twitter. Any network that allows members to connect and share information with each other, however has the potential for abuse.

Some of the most problematic scams found online these days include

  • Not-so-free trial offers
  • Clickjack attacks
  • Work-from-home scams
  • Overpayment scams
  • Phisphing hoaxes
  • Investment scams

All of these techniques have been used on the Internet before. There’s nothing new about phishing and investment scams. In fact, frauds have used similar strategies long before the Internet even existed.

Despite the pervasiveness of clickjacking, Trojan viruses, and other scams, many Internet users do not know how to protect themselves. many believe that they are safe from online attacks as long as they avoid downloading files. The truth, however, is that some of today’s most problematic attacks come through the Internet without requiring the user’s permission. Clickjacking attacks, for instance, trick the user with invisible frames. Worms don’t even require that much participation. Simply accessing a website makes you vulnerable.

Using reliable antivirus software can help protect you from these online attacks, but you also need to pay attention to your activities. Avoid questionable sites and scrutinize every file that you download.

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