MediWiki Gets a Security Boost

MediaWiki has received an upgrade that tackles some serious security flaws in earlier releases. One of the most problematic aspects of the original MediaWiki was that it offered no protection against clickjacking. This made it possible for hackers to use Java Scripts and CSS to gain access to user accounts. Technically, it was an XSS (cross-site scripting) problem. Anyone with MediaWiki open would compromise their accounts when they visited sites that had been designed to gain access. Just because the person wasn’t currently using WikiMedia didn’t mean that they were safe. Having it open at all was problematic.

The newly updated version should solve this problem, making it safer for users to browse the Internet while keeping MediaWiki open.

The update also fixes a host of other problems associated with earlier releases. It addresses some programming issues and errors in addition to security concerns. This should make it much easier for people to use.

For those not familiar, MediaWiki is software that was originally designed for Wikipedia. Today it is used by a wide range of Wiki sites. The software makes it easy for users to update content and share information with each other. Essentially, it could turn any web page into something as functional as Wikipedia by allowing users to revise content and discuss issues surrounding posts on wiki pages.

Internet users should recognize that, although the update fixes many problems, it does not offer a foolproof protection from clickjacking. Clickjacking takes advantage of security flaws that are inherent to the very structure of the Internet. The update, however, does offer protection from some of the most commonly found attacks.

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