Clickjacking Threat Expected to Continue

Threatpost, a blog that helps internet security professionals spot problematic trends early in their development, has released its top 5 security concerns for 2011. As someone that works in the areas of social engineered malware, I found that the “mobile anarchy” section of the Treatpost’s blog was most interesting.

Threatpost expects that online threats such as clickjacking, phishing, and drive by downloads will continue to plague mobile device users. In fact, the number of users affected by these hacker strategies is likely to increase as more people begin using smartphones that give them easy internet access.

I think that this is right on the money. Currently, there are some decent clickjacking protections available to smartphone users, but none of them are strong enough to compete with the deluge of misinformation and compromised links that people encounter on web sites like Facebook and Twitter. As more people start using mobile devices with internet access, it’s hard to imagine that the problem won’t continue to grow. Will clickjacking and drive by downloads eventually become so problematic that they have a negative effect on the smartphone service industry? That’s hard to determine. I think that it would have to get pretty bad before people will become willing to lose their precious gadgets.

On the other hand, this might be the best way to encourage companies to develop anti-clickjacking technology. If consumers made a bold statement by saying that they will not use operating systems and browsers that compromise their security, then I bet we would find some of the brightest minds getting to work on the problem.

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