Gingerbread Sentry

For many of us, the holidays have already started. Others just have a few days left before they get into full celebration mode.

This winter holiday season, don’t forget that it’s also a popular time of the year for cybercriminals to intensify their efforts. Clickjacking has become one of the most problematic techniques. Some mobile device users, however, now have a chance to block the latest clickjack attacks.

Bring in the Gingerbread Sentry.

Well, actually it’s just called Gingerbread. Its an updated version of Google’s Android operating system that promises to protect users from clickjacking attacks. But I like to think of a couple gingerbread men standing guard, possibly with candy cane spears in hand.

The updated version offers enhanced protection by preventing invisible frames from displaying on top of a web site’s visible elements. That means you should be able to tell exactly what you are clicking on when you use your recently updated Android phone. Older operating systems can’t tell the difference between visible and invisible elements. They will display visible objects underneath invisible frames, which makes it easy for cybercriminals to trick you into making purchases and downloading files without your knowledge.

At this point, it seems that Gingerbread works pretty well. Of course, it’s hard to tell how effective it really is since it’s only been out for a short period. It will take a few months for Internet security specialists to determine whether Gingerbread can actually stop all clickjacking attacks or just certain kinds.

By then, it’s possible that cybercriminals will have moved on to something else.

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