New Android OS May Help Prevent Clickjacks

Clickjacking poses a problem for smartphones as well as laptop and desktop computers. In fact, some people worry more about clickjacking attempts directed at phones than computers. That’s because people store so much information about themselves, their friends, relatives, and colleagues on their phones. Even those who just use the phone’s most basic functions will have hundreds of numbers programmed into their devices. This gives clickjackers access to information that they could use to steal identities and perform other illegal tasks.

The latest update for Android users, however, promises to prevent clickjacking attacks.

Google is calling the Android version 2.3 “Gingerbread,” perhaps because it’s being released during the holiday season. The update offers lots of advantages over the previous version, FroYo. Internet security specialists, however, will pay the most attention to operating system’s clickjack blocking capabilities.

Gingerbread essentially blocks clickjacking attempts with touch filtering technology. Smart phones use touchscreens that give clickjackers lots of opportunities to truck people into activating scripts without ever knowing it. Gingerbread, however, prevents users from activating windows that are obscured by or are obscuring other winders. This should significantly reduce the risk of encountering a clickjacked link.

The improvements, of course, completely depend on whether they actually work. This sounds like a good idea that could help Android users avoid clickjacks. It is not, however, the first time that such tools have been used before. NoScript, for instance, identifies clickjacked links and highlights them in red, altering the user that something funny is going on. Unfortunately, hackers are much smarter than that. It didn’t take long before they found ways around NoScript.

Since Gingerbread is new, we will just have to wait before knowing how effective it is.

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