HTML5 could pose bigger security threat

HTML5 promises to give Internet users a better experience that includes  highly interactive sites. According to Lavakumar Kuppan, though, very few people are talking about the negative aspects of HTML5 that could pose bigger Internet security threats than the current system.

This has special importance to Internet security specialists working to prevent clickjack attacks. With the current edition of HTML, a script will only run in the background for 20 seconds. With HTML5, though, the script can run indefinitely.  As long as a browser is pointed at the hacker’s URL, they can control the user’s computer. This gives clickjackers the opportunity to create web pages that have been created to open blank screens that contain hidden elements. This is a rather savvy approach to clickjacking. It not only uses the Internet’s faults against users, but also targets human behaviors.

Most people don’t pay a lot of attention to blank tabs or windows when they open on their screens. They focus on the screen that they are using, not those that just sit in the background, seemingly doing nothing. That’s fine with the current HTML edition. With HTML5, though, that browser tab could be doing all kinds of things without your knowledge.

At the moment, it is impossible to know which other features will give hackers the chance to make the Internet a more dangerous place., but some of the key threats include

  • using your computer to send spam or attack a server. This takes up a lot of your Internet connection, resulting in slower speeds.
  • viruses that steal personal information and allow hackers to commit identity theft.
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