Top Five Internet Security Misconceptions

Just a couple days ago, Kindsight, a company that focuses on issues such as identity theft, published a blog post explaining the top five internet security misconceptions that they have found amongst casual internet users. One of those misconceptions is that “Facebook is safe enough; no need to worry.”

Apparently, those people don’t read this blog, or the countless others discussing security issues spread through social networking sites.

To a large extent, Facebook itself is fairly safe. But it is used to push people towards compromised content. This is most often accomplished with clickjacking attacks. When hackers make clickjacking attacks, they often publicize the sites by posting the URLs on Facebook, Myspace, and other popular social networking sites. They usually include a statement that will entice the average user into following the link. Popular topics focus on busty girls and Justin Beiber, although I’m pretty sure that there is connection there.

When users follow the tempting link, they are taken to a page that has invisible elements. Click on the page, and you’ve just launched a potentially malicious piece of software that can infect your computer.

Facebook’s safety was listed as the number five misconception. The others include,

  1. Internet users are safe from identity theft as long as they don’t shop online
  2. Anti-virus protection means internet users are safe
  3. Using secure websites means that you will never encounter security problems
  4. Hacked websites are easy to identify and avoid

Unfortunately, none of these statements are true. You can read the entire article, and view video clips, at the Kindsight Blog.

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