The not-so Happy Meal

One of the most recent and popular clickjacking attacks going around Facebook preys on the concerns of parents. The clickjack is spread through a message reading “OMG… Look What This 6 YEAR OLD found in Her HAPPY MEAL from McDonalds! on CLICK HERE TO SEE.”

Following the link takes you to a video, or what appears to be a video. When you click on the play button, though, you never learn what the 6-year-old found in her Happy Meal. Instead, you get clickjacked.

As with most likejacks (clickjack attacks spread through invisible Facebook like buttons), this one immediately posts itself to your wall, therefore informing all of your friends that they should follow the link to see what the young girl found in her Happy Meal.

These clickjacks spread like viruses. One persons gets it, then passes the link on to his or her community members, who then pass it on and on and on.

The most problematic clickjacks tend to be those that bait our human curiosity, fear, or lust. In this case, the link goes straight for fear, although some people are certain to follow it out of pure curiosity.

So far, clickjacks haven’t caused any serious problems. They’re annoying and they represent a serious security threat, but they have not been used to steal personal information yet. At least, not as far as anyone knows. It’s quite possible that a clickjack attack could work so well that you would never even know it happened, which makes it difficult to determine how threatening these attacks are.

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