Detailed information about clickjacking for laymen


I don’t usually share detailed and technical information about clickjacking because I want to provide helpful advice to internet users rather than experts. The experts, after all, should know about the latest clickjacking techniques. If they don’t, then they’re not very good at their jobs.

There is, however, one resource that I feel is worth sharing. It’s called the Open Web Application Security Project, or OWASP.

OWASP’s clickjacking page provides enough information that even laymen can understand it. Plus, it’s written in common, no-nonsense language that explains concepts succinctly without delving into computer jargon land. It is, of course, impossible to completely avoid some jargon. Otherwise, you run into the complicated problem of what to call things that already have jargony names.

Some of the topics covered on the page include

  • Techniques used to defend computers from clickjacking attacks
  • Types of clickjacking attacks and how they work
  • The limitations of clickjacking attacks
  • The limitations of browsers and antivirus programs that prevent clickjacking attack

If you are even slightly interested in how clickjacking has become such a problem for internet users, then I suggest looking over this page. It’s fairly short, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time there. After you have read the information, I think that you’ll have a better understanding of the challenges that internet security specialists face when they deal with clickjacking. It might also help you choose preventative measures in the future that can really protect you from the most recent clickjacking strategies.

Consider it a primer for clickjacking.

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