Making Facebook more secure and fun

Facebook isn’t a whole lot of fun when you’re constantly worried about likejacked links that could endanger your computer’s security. Until recently, though, there hasn’t been a whole lot that Facebook members could do to avoid clickjacked links on Facebook. The best strategies were to pay attention and pray.

As Facebook and other social networking sites have become more dangerous to casual computer users, security organizations have looked for ways to stop clickjackers from stealing the fun from the internet. BitDefender, though, recently released software that can make Facebook safer and more fun.

The app is called SafeGo. It has been specifically designed to protect Facebook users from clickjacking attacks. When you use SafeGo, it alerts you to potential security alerts and highlights compromised links. It even manages to make computer security lighthearted and fun. When you install the SafeGo app, it asks you to take a brief quiz designed to estimate your security risk. Most of the questions, however, are outlandish.If you are a fan of the surreal, then you’ll enjoy taking the quiz.

After completing the quiz, SafeGo will show you compromised links from your friends. This gives you the opportunity to alert your friends about the security risks.

In order to take advantage of BitDefender’s new application, you are going to have to trust the company a bit. The SafeGo app needs access to your computer that you typically wouldn’t give most programs. So far, there aren’t any reports of the company misusing the security pass, but there is always the chance that they, or someone with access to their information, could use SafeGo to bypass your security efforts for nefarious purposes. Chances are that you will be safe. Still, you should always know that there is a risk potential.

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