Many internet users still unaware of clickjacking

Despite the risk that clickjacking poses for just about everyone who uses the internet, it would seem that some people are still unaware of what it is and what type of threat it poses. That’s the only explanation I have for continued news coverage referring to likejacked pages as the “newest” threat online.

I check Google’s news results for clickjacking every few days, and I’m constantly surprised by news reporters who continue to write about this issue as if it’s a brand new problem. Sure, the popularity of social networking sites have led to a larger number of clickjacked sites than we had a couple years ago, but the threat hasn’t suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

What’s the big deal, you might wonder, with reporters showing up a little late in the game? After all, the information is there for anyone who wants to find it.

That’s true, but clickjacking and ignorance are linked. If we ignore what this scam does, then we become patsies perpetuating the problem by sharing clickjacked links. Also, an ignorant group of people don’t know what types of security options to demand from websites like Facebook and Myspace. These sites aren’t going to drastically alter their approach to security because a few specialists complain. They’ll only make real changes when the vast majority of their users start to ask why the sites aren’t doing more to protect them.

Obviously there are a lot of internet users who don’t know much, or anything, about the threat of clickjacking. And obviously it’s a good thing that reporters are telling these people to watch out. But it’s a shame that so many reporters have ignored the issue up to this point. The very fact that we still need articles about clickjacking is disturbing because it shows how far away we are from solving this problem and alerting the average computer user.

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