The ultimate clickjack protection on Facebook

If you want to be safe from clickjacking on Facebook, then it’s going to take more than good antivirus protection that can recognize iframes. It’s also going to take more than smarts. The safest way to avoid clickjacking attacks is to stick to one simple rule: don’t click on links that aren’t personally related to you.

This advice comes from a blogger at who really hits the proverbial nail on the head. The truth of the matter is that a lot of people use Facebook as a form of entertainment. But it’s a communication tool that allows information to flow both ways, not a television that only sends messages to the audience. When you follow a link to check out the latest LOL cat, you set yourself up for as a victim to clickjacking. That doesn’t mean that every LOL cat is a clickjack. It means that you can keep yourself significantly safer by avoiding links and pictures that aren’t personal to you.

So, what qualifies as personal?

First, let’s cover what DOESN’T count:

  • the video titled “hottest celebrities ever” doesn’t count, even though it was shared by your best friend
  • links to non-Facebook web pages don’t count, even if your minister posted it on his wall
  • a picture of an LOL cat fighting a vacuum doesn’t county, even though your mother sent you the link.

Ok, so what DOES count as personal?

  • Pictures posted by your friends on Facebook that contain images of people you know
  • Links to your friend’s blog that is hosted on his or her own site
  • Video of last Christmas posted by your uncle on his own Facebook page or blog.

These things are relatively safe because they don’t try to lure in large groups of curious people. They are meant for you, so use them. Things that aren’t meant for you, though, should be avoided. Those things aren’t the reason that we want to use Facebook in the first place.

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