Girl kills herself over Facebook comment

A couple years ago, a Facebook scam was going around the internet claiming that a young woman had committed suicide shortly after her father posted a comment to her Facebook wall. The implication is that she killed herself because of the comment. Thankfully, this never actually happened. It was just a hoax that wanted to turn into an urban legend.

Now it seems that this hoax has returned with an added twist: it’s been clickjacked.

The apocryphal story will tempt just about anyone to follow its link. Everyone wants to know what kind of comment could have such a powerful effect on a young woman. We want to know about her pain and her father’s pain. The story could unfold in so many ways. But you never actually get to the story, at least not a true story. Instead, you find yourself confronted with a test that asks you to click the numbers one, two, and three in order. This is supposed to prove that you’re a human instead of a bot that’s trying to spread spam.

Of course, the numbers are clickjacked. When you click on them, you spread the story through your Facebook page. This is a technique that has become recognized as a specific type of clickjacking called a likejack. It gets its name from Facebook’s “like” button, which is frequently used to spread spam by hackers.

When you click the numbers, you post the story to your own wall, where your friends will see it, become curious, and follow the link themselves. This perpetuates the hoax. Luckily, there doesn’t seem to be any malware attached to this attack. It does, however, open the door to lots of spam.

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