Automated stupidity

Since creating this blog, I’ve come to understand the need for tests that ensure internet users are humans rather than bots.

I pay close attention to internet security, but I’ve never really considered the importance of these tests when it comes to simple pages such as this blog. When buying items from a website, then it makes sense to test the person. Whenever I encounter them elsewhere, though, I tend to think “well, isn’t that a bit paranoid.”

Well, I’m not right all the time.

Some hackers are simply ingenious. They really know how to make programs work for them. The problem for hackers, though, is that the programs often reveal their stupidity. Never mind that the programs post ridiculous comments on blogs. The important part is including a link that leads to a clickjacked site.

For several months now, I’ve been replying to comments that didn’t make much sense. “My god,” I would think, “some of these people sure are stupid.”

There was definitely one stupid human in the interaction. But that dummy was me.

Those comments were coming from bots programmed, essentially, to spread spam through blogs. What will they think of next? I’d be impressed if it weren’t so annoying. Even then, I’m still slightly impressed. Only slightly, though, because the automated stupidity becomes obvious almost immediately.

So I just removed a bunch of comments saying ridiculously off topic things like the overly enthusiastic (and totally contrary to the substance of the post) “where can I get that FREE  IPHONE!” or the overly ambiguous “I’m with you check out my site…”

I might be the dummy, but at least I don’t sound as stupid as the robots.

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