Street View clickjack

Television shows like COPS have been getting high ratings for over a decade. Even now that you YouTube gives internet users easy access to videos of people committing crimes, we still tune in to watch it on TV. Sure, it might be 3am, but it’s there for a reason: humans can’t get enough of the stupid, insane stuff that other humans do.

That’s why one of the latest clickjacking attacks has been so successful.

The other reason for its success? It claims an attachment to Google, which, although it seems to be taking over the whole internet, has promised not to be evil.

This scam involves Google Street View. Under a huge Google logo it states that “These crooks thought that they were above the LAW and could get away with anything. Unfortunately for them, Google Streets caught them red handed and on FILM!”

Seriously, if you don’t want to click on that, then you’re just not interested in the rest of humanity.

The problem is that this Google Street View is a bunch of B.S. concocted by some clickjacker who knows how much people love to watch other people do outrageous things. We’re voyeurs by nature, and hackers tap into that weakness.

When you follow the Google Street link, it opens a Facebook application. Once installed, it spreads word to all of your friends, insuring that at least some of them will also fall for the lark. Perhaps the worst part? You end up visiting a survey web site instead of ever getting to see the crimes.

If you’ve already fallen victim to this clickjack attack, then make sure you return your Facebook page to its untainted version. Remove the app, pull down the wall post, and alert your friends.

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