The dislike scam

Recently a company called FaceMod created an application that allows Facebook users to add a “dislike” button to their pages. This has been something that Facebook members have talked about for years. The new application gives them the ability to tell their friends about things that they don’t like. The option to give a bug thumbs down also makes it possible for members to communicate their feelings easily. Instead of simply “liking” a comment, now you can “dislike” it just as easily without having to write  a diatribe on a friend’s wall.

By and large, the dislike button is a cool addition for those who want it. It also, however, provides a new opportunity for clickjackers and other online scammers to take advantage of unsuspecting Facebook members.

The like button has already caused numerous problems for Facebook. Clickjacked like buttons on third-party sites can install viruses. When this happens, members all too often blame Facebook for poor security measures, even though the action did not occur on the company’s site.

The dislike button will carry the same issue. As it becomes more common for web sites to allow viewers to dislike things via Facebook, we will inevitably see a larger number of clickjacked dislike buttons. There is an added threat here, though, that occurs simply because the dislike button is so new. As more Facebook users learn about the dislike button, they will go in search of an app that will let them modify their Facebook pages. The problem is that some hackers have created fake applications that either install trojans or direct users to lengthy surveys that ask for salable information.

You can avoid these risks by downloading the dislike add-on directly from Firefox’s add-on page. That way you will know for sure that you got the official version.

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