Adobe security updates to prevent clickjack attacks

Adobe announced last week that it would release six critical security updates for Flash. Five of the updates are designed to prevent memory corruption. The sixth targets vulnerabilities that could make clickjacks possible. This week, the company plans to release more patches that will improve security for Reader and Acrobat.

Hackers have long focused on Adobe’s Flash software to create clickjacks that can cause computers to run operations without their user’s knowledge. Many of the clickjacks have hidden links embedded on top of images and links that appear benign. When the link is clicked, however, the user has actually clicked on the invisible frame, thus giving permission for an unknown application to start running.

This has allowed clickjackers to perform a variety of tasks. Some have even created clickjack scripts that take over web cams. This allows the hacker to film people using their computers, a spooky prospect that has led many people to keep their cameras unplugged or covered except when in use.

Some clickjacks also release viruses, trogans, and other types of malware. Once your computer is infected, the viruses can steal information or turn the computer into a slave bot that performs operations for the hacker. This slows down you internet connection and can even implicate you in illegal actions.

It is important to keep Adobe programs up to date to help protect your computer form clickjack attacks. It is a continuous process, so you will have to continue updating the software. Chances are that within a few months, a savvy hacker will find a way to counter the latest patches. Adobe will then retaliate with a new patch that addresses the most current issue.

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