Facebook Members Respond to Likejacking

Every Facebook user should be on the lookout for likejack attacks. What kind of affect does that have on members’ perception of the social network giant’s security measures? Not surprisingly, they’re not too happy. In fact, according to an online poll conducted by Sophos, 95 percent of Facebook’s users think that Facebook isn’t doing enough to protect them from clickjack worms.

So far, there haven’t been any serious effects from the likejacks. Mostly just a lot of annoying messages spread through Fb walls.

Likejacking is potentially a serious problem, but let’s not get too serious about the Sophos poll. Realistically, 95 percent of Facebook users don’t even know about likejacking, despite news being all over the place. The truth is that its a lot easier to spread likejacks than it is to educate people about how they work. The Sophos poll, after all, only got responses from 600 people. That’s a pretty small sample, especially when one considers that Facebook has more than 14 million members.

Chances are that the 600 people who responded to the poll are significantly more knowledgeable about internet security risks. Sophos has a Facebook page that provides updates about such risks. The people who responded to the poll were probably members of that group, which means they have more information than the average Fb user.

This isn’t to say, however, that Facebook users are fine with the current level of security. It’s just that the number of dissatisfied members is probably much lower than 95 percent.

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