Clickjacking Landmines

With increasing concern about clickjacking, lots of people have asked how they can spot websites that use clickjacking techniques to sucker them into downloading viruses, worms, and other malware.

I’ve explained in previous posts that some of the best security measures include No Script, Windows patches, and the latest versions of web browsers. I’ve also explained, though, that these tactics are by no means foolproof. In fact, relying on them too heavily can set you up to become a victim.

If you’re worried about clickjacking scams, then you have to understand that you can’t spot every single jacked link. I’m sorry to burst your bubble if you’re looking for a fail safe. At the moment, there isn’t one. You can, however, take a greater role in protecting yourself by paying attention to what types of websites you visit.

Here’s a simple rule to live by: shady sites do shady things. Avoid them.

For instance, if you’re downloading torrents from sites like The Pirate Bay, then you are probably going to get clickjacked. The people who run that site aren’t concerned about ethical computer usage. They don’t give a damn about movie companies, musicians, programmers, or you.

Also, avoid free porn sites like Red Tube and YouPorn. (I’m not hyperlinking these pages because you shouldn’t be going there in the first place.) I’m not  saying that all websites with so-called adult material are unscrupulous. In fact, some of the most prosperous and forward-thinking internet companies focus on providing adult content to adult subscribers. Free tube sites, however, are usually distributing content without the owner’s permission.

Again, they don’t care about following the laws. And they don’t care about you. As long as they make a profit, they will do anything. It’s capitalism gone stupidly wild without any regulations.

I don’t even think that it’s up to the government to regulate these practices. The great thing about the internet is how unregulated it is. What we need is a savvy population of computer users who understand what they have to use when they visit websites that are willing to rip off other people.

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