How You Got Clickjacked

Clickjacks can do all kinds of things to your computer. One of the most recent attacks, likejacking, uses your Facebook account to spread through social networks.

Likejacking uses an invisible frame that puts a Fb “like” button underneath a link, graphic, video, or other object on a website. When you click that object, you activate the “like” button. More often than not, you don’t even know that this has happened because it works quietly in the background. You only recognize the likejack when you visit your Facebook wall or a friend asks why you’re  spreading stupid links.

Since Facebook allows members to share information with large amounts of people, likejacks tend to spread quickly. You might, for instance, click on a link that promises “the ten sexiest women in the world.” Clicking that link, however, does not show you pictures of beautiful women. Instead, it instructs your Facebook profile to “like” the link. All of your friends see. Some of them will fall for the trick and follow your like. Hey, who can blame them. They just wanted to see some pretty ladies.

That’s how you got clickjacked. The specific type of object that unleashes the attack can vary significantly. It doesn’t always have to do with sex or naked celebrities. These are just common themes. These likejack attacks focus on carnal human interests, so they usually offer sex, money, humor. Basically the types of things that the internet is so good at providing.

Avoiding Future Likejacks

Here’s the problem: you never really know what is a legitimate link and what is a likejack. The latest browsers, such as Chrome 2 and IE 8, make it more difficult for hackers to use this technique, but the security relies on the webmaster to use a tag that prevents invisible frames. The problem is that someone can clickjack a link on their own page. That way they avoid the security measure. If you are logged into Facebook when you click the jacked link, then you just got likejacked.

So, how do you avoid likejacking? You are your own best weapon.

Keep your wits about you as you surf the web. Think of the internet as a neighborhood. There are certain streets and alleys that you don’t want to walk down. Be mindful of where you go, and recognize that there are people out there who want to use you for their own nefarious purposes.

Paying attention and using a recent browser. That’s the best advice I can give anyone who wants to avoid clickjacks.

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  2. I cant believe this is true

  3. Can i getaclickjackingjack on facebook?

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