Stop Liking, Stop Likejacking

If you want a surefire way to prevent likejacking from ruining your Facebook experience, then you should consider turning of Fb’s platform applications.

This will prevent annoying clickjack links from showing up on your wall, but it will also prevent liking of all kind. If you don’t feel that the like button is an important part of Facebook, then go ahead and disable it.

You can disable Facebook Platform by going to privacy settings > applications and web sites > edit your settings.

Disabling the Facebook Platform has other advantages as well. For instance, it can prevent Facebook’s annoying data harvesting and instant personalization apps. You don’t really need those attributes to use Facebook, so turning them off isn’t really a big deal.

Some people, however, will not want to disable the like button. I can understand that. The like button is a useful tool because it allows you to communicate with friends quickly and shows other people where the most popular comments and links are. Using the button wisely, however, isn’t always easy, especially since we’re talking about a social networking site with millions of users who don’t know anything about internet or network security.

Pay attention to the links that you follow on Facebook. Avoid those that seem suspicious.

If you have kids in the house who use your computer, then you might want to consider disabling the like button. Few children have the ability to differentiate between suspicious and legit links.

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One Comment on “Stop Liking, Stop Likejacking”

  1. Erik Says:

    Thanks for share, I am also the victim of like-jacking.

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