How Much Do We Know about Click-Jacking?

Everyone from my six-year-old to my grandmother knows about the threats of computer viruses. It’s a no-brainer these days. If you know how to double-click an IE icon, then you know to scan email attachments for viruses and stay away from sites that offer illegal downloads.

Viruses still get around, but we’re all much better educated about them than we were a decade ago.

When it comes to clickjacking, though, few of us understand the threat well enough to avoid it. Searching Google for “clickjacking threat” brings up as many articles from today as 2008. That suggests to me that a significant number of internet users don’t know what’s going on.

This is a dangerous situation because click-jacking attacks have gotten more sophisticated. The latest attacks use social networking sites to trick people into unknowingly installing applications on their computers. These apps aren’t always dangerous. In fact, the most pervasive ones have been more annoying than anything else. Still, the lack of education combined with the potential creates a very dangerous situation.

If people don’t start talking about clickjacking as much as they talk about viruses and worms, then hackers are eventually going to unleash a giant attack that ruins a lot of lives.

This isn’t an exaggeration. At least not a big one. Clickjacking has the potential to install viruses  and worms without ever letting the user know that such actions are taking place. This is a tool for hackers that could completely change the internet security game.

Getting informed about click-jacking attacks, however, can help you avoid them. It’s not as hard as you might think. Using your head and staying skeptical are two of the best defenses. Using up-to-date web browsers, antivirus software, and plug-ins like NoScript can also help considerably.

Until we teach more people about click-jacking, though, the threat remains high for us all.

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