You Just Got Likejacked

Clickjackers have become so adept at creating invisible iFrame links that can access Facebook accounts that the technique has earned a new name: likejacking.

It hardly rolls off the tongue, but the name is appropriate enough. Likejacking is a useful tool for hackers because it uses social networks to spread their fake links. One of the most recent examples involves the popular band Paramore. Some created a site that claimed to have naked photos of the band. When a Facebook member clicks on the link to get the photo, though, they unknowingly launch an application that “likes” the site via Fb. The link then shows up on that person’s Fb wall, which is visible to all of their friends, who might choose to follow the link themselves.

Luckily, this likejacking example doesn’t involve any malware. It’s kind of annoying, but it doesn’t cause any real harm.

It does, however, show that Facebook  users are in danger of spreading vicious viruses and worms just by clicking on the wrong link. If the page had contained malware, then the Fb user would have unknowingly shared a link to the virus with all of his or her friends. It’s happened before, and it will probably happen again.

So how can you protect yourself?

The best protection is to use your head. Don’t click on inane links that are obviously designed to drum up interest. Avoid celebrity gossip links. Hackers often use them to attract internet users. Also, don’t trust any link that seems out of character for your friend.

This leads to another problem, though. Lots of people don’t know the slightest thing about their Facebook friends. That puts you at a significant disadvantage because you have no idea whether a link seems appropriate.

Hopefully Facebook will find a way to solve this problem in the near future. Currently, it’s tactic is to shut down links that have been reported as malware. This is somewhat effective in the short term, but we need a real solution to address this problem.

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